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Quinn would open closed parks ``immediately''

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If, as seems inevitable, Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn takes over as governor, he would open the closed ``state parks and state historic sites immediately,'' according to senior policy advisor Marc Miller.

And Quinn indicated to Miller that naming a director of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources would be ``promptly reviewed.'' Sam Flood has languished as acting IDNR director for nearly three years and is symbolic of the disdain in which Gov. Blagojevich held the interests of Illinois outdoors.


Quinn has a history of championing outdoor and environmental issues. Here he was on Starved Rock overlooking Plum Island, which he helped preserve from development, in February, 2005.

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Gov. Quinn has scheduled an announcement with IDNR director Marc Miller at 10:30 Thursday morning in Springfield on ``the state's renewed focus on its natural resources and recreational opportunities for its citizens.'' That will likely translate, as p... Read More


My family is originally from Ottawa, so the comment on preserving Starved Rock struck close to home. My aunts and uncles have some funny stories about that state park, family reunions were held there and last summer I took my 84 year old father there to eat. It sounds like the outdoors in Illinois may have a great ally now.

Where is Governor Quinn's promise to re-open the HISTORICAL SITES???? The first day Quinn took office as Governor of Illinois he said the first thing on his agenda would be to reopen the state parks AND historical sites that where closed in the fall of 2008. As of yet, he has only reopened the state parks, but none of the historical sites.

I live near one of those historical sites, and because the sites was closed, we have had to miss out on one of our biggest events for the year so far. This one event attracts tourists from all over the United States including Canada. This lost revenue for surrounding towns has been devastating. Not to mention that many families in the area have made reenacting a tradition, which they can no longer fully enjoy, because they have no where to go. The families could go to sites in other states... but then their dollars would be going to another state... kinda defeats the purpose!?

As of today, there is still no word from the governors office or any elected official on when the historical sites will open. It is looking grim for historical sites in Illinois and the families who depend on the tourism those historical sites bring to the state.

Leads me back to the question... Where is Governor Quinn's promise? Will it be too late when it comes?

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