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May the door of the slammer hit him on the ass

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The first call came from my wife on her way to work: ``Did you hear? Blagojevich is in custody.''

I couldn't believe it and flipped on WGN-AM in time to hear Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn on Spike O'Dell.

Then North Side fisherman Cary Gelfond called and summed up the feeling of all outdoors sorts--birders, fishermen, hunters, hikers, walkers, talkers, picnicers--with this heartfelt: ``I just got the best Christmas present ever. I hate that sucker with every bone in my body.''

Quinn has grandstanded a lot on outdoor and environmental issues. If power goes to him, now we will see if he actually means all his talk and actually reopens closed parks and puts funding back into the IDNR.

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The arrest of Blagojevich is great news for Illinois outdoorsmen. We can only hope that he resigns the office quickly so the state can start recovering from the damage he has caused.

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