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Exiting the system: Outdoor readers on Blagojevich's arrest

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What a day!

Oh, what a day for those of us who love the outdoors in Illinois, hell, let's just make it what a day for those of us who still believe in good government with the arrest of Gov. Blagojevich.

All day responses have been coming in. I know most of you hate going through the captcha crap at the end of a post and are simply e-mailing me at That's fine.

So let'er fly.

From John:

Boy Blunder Busted !!!!

It took longer than anticipated , but I got my Christmas Present
early this year !!!

Happy New Year,

Oh, Happy, Happy New Year.

From Bill:

``As I'm sure you've heard, the governor was arrested. Assuming he's eventually removed from office, as I understand it, the Lt Gov steps in - unless I misunderstand how it works in this state.

``From what you know about him(the LT Gov), would that be a good thing or a bad thing for the IDNR, and Sportsmen in general in IL?

``I ask because you've written positive things about him in the past, yet I also remember recently you used the term "meaningless petition" and I took that as referring to one of the things he did.''

My fear is Pat Quinn doesn't have the backbone to go bare knuckles in the political arena with people like Emil Jones and Michael Madigan. At least Quinn talks a good game, so that is far better than what Blagojevich is.

From Ken G:

``Spike had Quinn on, then former guv Edgar.

Blago is the governor till he is convicted of a felony, then his reign ends.

Which could take years.

Which means his role as governor will be ineffective at best till then.

Which I'm assuming not a whole hell of a lot is going to get done, including anything to do with our natural resources.

Quinn won't be much better regarding that. He's in charge of watersheds and couldn't make a decision on dams if his life depended on it. He's got the most comprehensive dam study, the one on the Fox, probably sitting on his desk and obviously never read it.

Was going to put this up on your blog, but I'll be damned if I get that whole track back crap.

Pretty agree with that assessment, including the whole trackback crap.

Muskie circle email: Look at the wonderful X-mas present that US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald has delivered to us. Attached is a copy of the Federal Indictment against Blago.

Fitzgerald reminds me of those kids in school who would try to make other kids stay off the grass, if there was a sign. But I like him.

From Andrew:

Blago is busted! They should take the money from his campaign fund and distribute it to the state office he has shortchanged and slashed over the years. Imagine how much fish can be stocked with that cash. Plus, we can keep state parks open and give money to the schools that were shortchanged because of budget purposes.

Something fishy for the fishes. I like it.

From Jack:

Initial charge is for trying to sell senate seat vacated by Obama elect.
YES, YES, what a wonderful Xmas present for the entire country, Blago- the most crooked Gov. in History, the one who ran the state like a Tollway. Everything he did he demanded a kick back under the table.... and only did what would benefit him while milking the state dry of $$ & natural resources...& closing state parks. (wait--- a couple/3 months, lots, lots more charges to come )
We all, owe U.S. Attorney General Pat Fitzgerald & FBI several boatloads of thanks....

Two days before my birthday but the Best Birthday present ever.
Oh, Today, is what we call a Happy Happy Day.

Oh, Happy, Happy New Year.

From Seth:

you got to have a stray cast for blago the blowjob....?

Oh, I do and it's in tomorrow

From a fishing contact:

``I'm happier they caught that [bleep] than Osama bin Laden.

Now that might be going too far.

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I'm reminded of an old song from the 70's,
The MASH Theme a.k.a. "Suicide is Painless"
(Music by Johnny Mandel Lyrics by Mike Altman)
(4th verse)

"The only way to win is cheat

And lay it down before I'm beat

and to another give my seat

for that's the only painless feat"

Come on Milo,You can do it!
In Japan it's the "Honorable Thing"
Not that you know anything about Honor!

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