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Day off Buck of the Week for 12-02-08

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This buck with 19 scorable points and a 20-point spread is one of the best I've seen this year.

BOTW12-03-08daddys dear 001

Joel Carpenter bagged this beauty with a bow in Grundy County on Nov. 12. The Coal City man He said it green-scored at 222 and earns Buck of the Week honors.

BOTW tops the Illinois Hunting Report in the Sun-Times on Wednesdays, and an extended online version is usually posted here on Tuesdays.

Here's Carpenter's tale:

``Dale this is the buck I shot on Nov. 12. I took this day off work because it was a south wind and I wanted to hunt it one more time before gun season. As soon as it got light bucks were chasing does everywhere. It was a very exciting hunt.

At about 8 a shooter 8 pointer was breeding a doe 15 yards away but I couldn't get a shot. I was watching them for about 10 minutes when I heard a buck grunt behind me. I turned to look and I couldn't believe what I saw. A huge non-typical coming down the trail I cut to my stand. He walked right underneath my tree and stopped at 5 yards.

I had to shoot almost straight down and I got the artery along the spine and it made it into his lungs. He went about 80 yards and piled up. This is a buck of a lifetime for me. It's gonna be really hard to top this one.

He has 19 scorable points and a 20 inch spread. He was green scored at 222". My taxidermist is double checking for me but I have not heard back from him. The score that counts is in 60 days. My buck was killed in Grundy County IL.''

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