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Stand thoughts on a Wild Sunday 11-30-08

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One of my greatest joys of deer hunting is the time on my hands.

And the chance to observe wildlife over extended time from the shelter of a stand.

Last Sunday was a bounty of bonus pleasures.


Fox squirrels played all day, wind or no wind. I finally took the picture of this one late afternoon when he started hopping near me. You have to look close.

The highlight came early morning when I watched a mink slink and flit along the ditch shore, then disappear up a pipe.

A sharp-shinned hawk made a kill on the other side of the fencerow, then ate a few trees away.

Near dusk, when I am in a heightened state of awareness to begin with, an opossum gave me the willies rustling through the leaves.

And, almost to the minute at sunset, owls coasted along the fencerows, hooting the night in.

Half an hour later, it was time. To climb down and join the regular world.

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