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Snowed on a Wild Sunday 11-16-08

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I'm driving down Route 1 Saturday evening and give the waterfowl on a roadside lake a quick scan.

There, sprinkled like grains of salt in a teaspoon of pepper, were about half a dozen snow geese scattered through dozens of Canada geese.

I calculated it would be too dark to make a return trip and take a photo, but figured they would still be there at dawn.


Guess again.

So where and why did the snow geese go while the Canada geese stayed?

That's what I wonder.

And, even more importantly, why was there just a couple of snow geese in the first place?

Maybe, they were migrating through, took an overnight or short break, then continued the trip south ahead of the cold and winds.

Flurries spit as I climbed back in the car.

The Canada geese seemed in no hurry to fly out to the fields.

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Hey, Bo. It is time to "come kill geese", my friend. After you have filled your deer tags, gimme a call or E me. There has been a nice daily trickle of Canadas for a week or so now, and with the lakes and ponds north of here freezing up, the circus will soon be in town. Fun with feathers - gotta love it.

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