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The beauty of Internet bucks

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Friends and faithful readers have been busy sending photos of big bucks.

Apparently, the big boys have been busy. Then again, you never know with the buck photos passed around on the Internet, they almost are reborn with a second life passed from hunter to hunter.


Does anybody know anything about this buck? Supposedly a record from Illinois? It was forwarded by an Iowa friend of Joe McCartin.


Or this one, possible world record bagged in Missouri, forwarded by bowhunter Dave Olzeski..

Any help, post below or e-mail me at

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It looks like the photo of a possible world-record buck, forwarded by Dave Olzeski and posted here on Nov. 7, was more than an Internet rumor. TrophyWatch at the Boone and Crockett Club's Web site lists it as a ``pending... Read More

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The first buck, the typical, was killed by Joel Eggers last year in Randolph County. Not sure about the other one, but it looks familiar too.

You can read about it here.

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