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Fly-fishing muskie for Fish of the Week 11-05-08

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What a way to get your first muskie.


And have it be a fine 38-incher from the Fox River . . . while fly fishing for walleye.

That's just what Richard Harris did Sunday while fishing near Yorkville.

To make it better, the Plano man was using a jig his wife Susan tied that morning. For that kind of story and catch, he earns Fish of the Week honors.

FOTW tops the Midwest Fishing Report each Wednesday in the Sun-Times. An extended version is posted here usually about midnight Tuesday.

Here's the basic story from Harris:

``On Sunday Mike Dale (another angler on the Fox yesterday morning) pulled a 38" Muskie first ( we were thrilled for him). Within an hour I hooked into a second 38" Muskie. I can't believe it still. This is a beautiful coountry and the fishing is amazing!!''

There's an explanation for the ``beautiful country'' remark from Harris in a follow-up e-mail:

``I am 38 and live in Plano (orignally from Britain). I've been in the US for 8 yrs. I have been fly fishing for one season in Illinois - fishing for Muskie, Smallmouth and Walleye every week since may of this year.''

And he also sent the details of his equipment, which I found interesting:

Gold Cup 9' 10wt 3 piece rod
Orvis Reel
Rio floating fly line
1/16 jig head horizontal presentation (ball style, nickel) #4
Rainbow Flash
Chartruese and White Marabou
Chartruese rubber legs, 4-cut in half''

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The article regrets to mention that he did not release the fish due to the fact that it had a bit of fin damage. He thought it was slightly injured so he did not release it back in the water. The reason he did not release it was because he thinks it is inhumane to release a injured fish. These river muskies are hardy creatures and he should of released it. Plus the above photo shows the musky on a stringer.

should have let it go. hopefully you will let the next one you catch go but now you will have an even harder time catching one since the one you caught it dead!

I don't think that pictures like these should be posted.

And 38"?!

I have on my desk a framed picture of a 36" pike I caught with my dad, and it looks significantly bigger than that dead muskie.

Just another reason for why the the Fox River size limits need to be increased to over 40-inches.

When will we ever learn?

no way in heck is that 38 inches

Hello! This is a fishing and hunting site. If you don't like it, go read the PETA website.

The Muskie measured 38 inches. There were four other anglers fishing that morning by the dam. The fish was measured by one of the other anglers in front of us. As you can imagine, catching the muskie on the fly attracted some attention.


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