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Buck/muskie fishing/Bears fans tale ends first deer season (photo added)

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We'll get to Nate Teske, his 275-pound 8-point buck and muskie fishing on Lake Shelbyville with friends on their way to the Bears game in St. Louis.


4 p.m. I turned the phone on so the alarm will go at the absolute last minute of hunting time. Day 3 of Illinois' first firearm season and I was still hoping for the big buck to pass near my tree stand again.

A minute later the phone vibrated. Now, even in my heightened state of awareness as dusk came, I knew the difference between 1 minute and 57.

I checked the phone. There's a picture message with ``Just shot this big buck'' above a tight phone photo of a massive 8-point.

I don't recognize the number.

At closing, I climbed down and lumbered with all my stuff back to the van in the dark.

Then called, it's Teske. The Naperville man shot the biggest buck, size wise at 275 pounds, weighed in Shelby County this year.

He spotted it while muskie fishing in a Lake Shelbyville cove with some friends on their way to the Bears game. He dropped them off, then went back to see if he could find the deer on a finger.

And he did.

More of the story, photos and other tales to come.

Second firearm season is Dec. 4-7.

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Thanks for sharing Dale. It was a good thing I had my Blackberry with me. After all, I am a "Modern hunter who stays connected."

Cheers, Nate.

hmmm...this deer looks very much like the one i shot and was unable to find after blood trailing it for 3 hours. Did you find it in a cove on the east side of the lake near the findlay bridge?

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