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13-pointer begins Buck of the Week 11-04-08

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Big bucks really began moving last week. Even with the heat on Sunday, Brandon Lipke brought down a worthy buck to open Buck of the Week for 2008.


BOTW tops the Illinois Hunting Report in the Sun-Times each Wednesday from about the beginning of November until usually December or so. An extended online version will appear here sometime on Tuesday.

Here's more on the Elwood man's 13-point buck bagged on private land in Will County.

Lipke e-mailed,

``It is a 13 point typical with a 23 inch spread that I took in 70 degree temperatures.''

In anoher e-mail, I knew why he truly deserved the first 2008 BOTW:

``I am sorry if I am being a little overwhelming, but with a harvest of any buck I get excited.''

I know the feeling, just not often enough.

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