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Another newspaper-reading kid catches Fish of the Week 11-12-08

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This weather already has me dreaming of summer and catfish like this one caught by Richard Huber, all of 13, back in September.


He caught the 30-inch, 10-pound cat from Channel Lake. For the fish, and for being a newspaper-reading kid, he earns a belated Fish of the Week honor.

FOTW tops the Midwest Fishing Report in the Sun-Times each Wednesday. An extended online version is generally posted here around midnight Tuesday.

Here's Huber's tale.

``My name is Richard Huber I am 13 yrs old from Spring Grove Illinois. Here is a large cat fish I caught this weeked fishing on Channel Lake in Antioch Illinois at my grandpa Kearns house. The size is 30-inch and 10-lb. This was the larges of 8 that were caught today. This one put up a good fight! I caught this on my baitcaster with a bluegill as bait.

I like to check out the other catches you put in the paper of the week!''

Here's to bluegills, catfish, short sleeves and kids who read newspapers.

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