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Yearly big channel for Fish of the Week 10-08-08

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Justin Meyer is making this an early October habit for big channel catfish.


As much for the story as the 33-inch, 19-pound channel caught from a lake in Lisle, Meyer earns Fish of the Week honors, a year after landing a 26-pound channel.

FOTW tops the Midwest Fishing Report each Wednesday in the Sun-Times. An extended version appears here.

Meyer sent this with his photos:

``I just caught a 19 pound, 33 inch Channel Catfish Saturday morning. My dad helped me net it, man was it a fighter! I used bacon and nightcrawlers to catch him. It was caught in a man-made quarry in Lisle, almost exactly a year to the day that I caught the 26 pounder last year on the 4th of October!''

Congrats to net man Tom Meyer for raising a son right.


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Congragulations on your huge catfish that thing is a beast! I was wondering if you are part of was also wondering if you want to fish togehter for more cats if not I understand let me know either way by hte way that looks like Four Lakes Condos in the background my mom lives there. Take Care & again congrats

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