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(Updated) Make it mothers of deer photos on Wild Sunday 10-12-08

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From time to time, Chris Taglieri sends the most interesting stuff, like this bunch of photos of deer in a forest preserve.

I finally looked through them Saturday. And there was a photo I have been trying to get for 30 years, a fawn nursing.


And he had done it, in a forest preserve, as part of a whole series of deer photos.

After seeing it, another faithful reader Bill Anderson sent a link to a similar photo.


Here's Taglieri's note with the photos:

``Went for a run in the FP and look what I came across!! These pictures are after a guy walked by with his two black labs. Before that there were over 30+ Deer all over the place surrounding me. Unreal!!! Thankful for a camera phone, LOL''


The closest I ever came to photographing a fawn nursing was about 25 years ago. On a winter hike I walked up on fawn nursing a doe in the middle of a trail.

The snow cover deadened my footsteps, but when I pulled out my camera, it made a click when it turned on and the scene dissolved. The doe and fawn melted back into the laurel.

And for years, I've wondered why a fawn would be nursing in the middle of winter.

After I posted this, Anderson sent this:

``I got one photo back in may of 06. To top that off, they were standing in the water. This was taken with the 300mm zoom and I didn't even know there was a little one under mama until I looked at the photos when I got home.
Des Plaines River.''

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