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Fall mushrooms on a Wild Sunday 10-26-08

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I have never gathered fall mushrooms, even though I've heard tales of massive finds by friends.

It is mainly a fear factor on my part.


Then on Monday, North Sider John Vician sent a note about honey mushrooms that had me thinking again.

``Just wanted to let you know the Armillaria mellea (Honey Mushrooms) are up in the woods now. I don't know if you pick them. They are a pretty easy one to pick. We picked a 5 gallon bucket full on Sunday!''

So I googled around on honey mushrooms. Apparently, the likely looking spot is under oak trees.

There's a decent photo spread by forager ``Wildman'' Steve Brill here.

I found Tom Nauman, the Downstate morel expert, with an article on fall mushrooms, but with no mention of honey mushrooms. It is here.

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