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Clockwork perch on Halloween

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Winds finally calmed enough for fishermen to get back out for perch in Indiana.

An exuberant Mike Starcevich called from Mik-Lurch Thursday morning: ``Officially, they are in. It is like clockwork at Halloween every year.''

He said shore fishermen at the Hole-in-the-Wall (you need to know somebody to fish there and have permission) have caught limits, and one customer brought in a 15-incher.

Guys in the boats reported doing well out of East Chicago Marina (formerly called Pastrick Marina in East Chicago, Ind.) early Thursday, too.

``I almost certainly think they will come in at Cal Park too, they usually do at the same time,'' Starcevich said.

He is going to try fishing around the cans in Cal harbor when the winds shift making fishing out of East Chicago tougher. If he or any others have any great reports, I will repost.

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