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Swept away

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I am in the very bizarre spot of requesting people contact Gov. Blagojevich and urging him to veto two bills, one of which would seem to rescue 11 state parks from closure.


SB1103 would restore the money cut for parks and historic sites, and other even more important things like substance abuse programs. And SB790, which sweeps money from funds, including several significant outdoor funds, dedicated funds supposedly untouchable, to pay for 1103.

Both passed the Senate on Tuesday. They had already been passed by the House, so Blagojevich has up to 60 days to sign them.

Or veto them. If you wish to push for that, go to

This is a bogus either/or scenario: closed parks or swept funds. We should have a choice of really paying for state parks.

And the legality of 790 is much in question.

Here's some background news links from the past few days:,4_1_JO24_PARKS_S1.article

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