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"Borrowed hooks & other looks:'' Walleye stocking program

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I figured it would come and it did tonight, a call for a walleye stocking program in southern Lake Michigan in response to two documented big walleye from downtown Chicago in the past year.


On Thursday, Mike Osuch caught his of 7 pounds, 5.5 ounces.


Toni Pellegrino caught her 6.75-pounder on Oct. 8, 2007.

The proposal came as a comment I pulled from the original posting about Osuch's catch and it becomes the seventh ``Borrowed hooks & other looks,'' other views of Chicago-area outdoors.

The pitch is below.

For years now I wanted to start a orginazation for stocking Walleyes in the southern part of Lake Michigan. Something like Salmon Unlimited did. Form a large group of fisherman, get donations and pay for them ourselves. The only thing that stopped me was the same thing that first stopped S.U., the DNR.

If we had a large enough group we could put enought pressure on the DNR so they let us stock them. I am a board member of Perch America and our Wolf Lake Walleye stocking is a great SUCCESS. If we got the ok and let the DNR oversee our stockings my question is?

What are your opinions. Pro or Con

Thanks Ken S.

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This has been a longtime coming. It would be a welcome sport fishery for boat & shore fisherman alike. Obviously the salmon fishery has taken even a bigger hit due to fuel costs. Why not replace the sinking salmon fishery with a near shore fishery consisting of rainbow trout, brown trout, walleye, smallmouth, perch, crappie, bluegill, channel cat, carp & the occasional northern. The state run hatcheries have been having issues racing salmon anyway. They want to decrease stocking of Coho & Chinook eventually stopping both anyway. Why not boost local fishing license, tackle & bait sales to keep our sportsman in our state. People leave to travel hundreds of miles taking there money to catch that same 27" walleye in Minnesota, Canada or Lake Erie. Why when we can have an outstanding sport fishery right here. Come on guys lets start getting the word out. Lets get a more realistic nearshore fishery. Save your money, fish here.

The one constant in our diverse Lake Michigan fishery is change. It has come a long way in a relatively short time, especially with the onslaught of the invasive species that it has had to contend with. I never earned a degree in fish biology but i have spent many years fishing and learning about this fishery ever since Mayor Daley started the salmon stocking in 1966.
My senior fishing buddies and i all agree that Walleye would do well in large numbers here ! One reason is a abundant food source, the gobie, we have millions of gobies !
for the last 10 years we have been catching a variety of fish, even jumbo's that were gorging on gobies. Yes, our fishery thrives on change.

I would love to see more walleye in the Southern part of Lake Michigan, too. However, please try to keep a couple of things in mind:
1) There are already more walleye in the southern portion of Lake Michigan than most people realize, and adding even more may upset any ecological balance that is already established, and
2) Even if the southern portion of Lake Michigan were stocked, we still wouldn't see those fish until this time of year because they would spend the summer up north because the water gets too warm here.
I would like to see some information or studies that have previously been done by the Indiana or Illinois DNR to see what information they have come up with.

Over the years, the Indiana DNR has started studying the wallleye, primarily in the Port of Indiana. Though, if my memory is right, most of that studying was done before the hysteria after 9-11 shut down fishing access to the prime areas.

I love the big lake and would like to see a walleye fishery like our neighbors. Stocking progams would be great but do we have any struture to keep a healthy population.I fish out of new buff. and would like to help in starting our own walleye meca contact me in helping our cause. MICHIGAN fisherman do your part.

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