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``Borrowed hooks & other looks:'' Pissing off river gods

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Normally, ``Borrowed hooks & other looks,'' other views on Chicago-area outdoors, runs on Fridays. There was nothing normal about the rains over the weekend.

So here comes a ``Borrowed hook'' on a Monday morning.


Fox River wading guide Ken Gortowski and general Fox advocate with an edge sent this. It was first posted in another form on

Here's a summer view of the Yorkville dam to set this up.


``At 8 am Saturday, before heading out, the gauge was reading 7500 cfs. Already too dangerous to be in it and probably not very smart to be on the shore unless you know exactly where the shore is. I drove along about 5 miles of the river and over a few of it's creeks.

``Nasty looking water.

``I've been known to go fishing when the river is at it's worst and I won't touch this one. Even though I was thinking about it.

``They must have installed a new gauge at Montgomery. It now will give readings over 7 or 8 thousand cfs.

``Middle of the afternoon on Saturday it was reading 15.000 cfs. I kind of quit thinking about going out after seeing that reading.

``I may be a moron, but I'm not stupid.

``Still reading 15,000 cfs Sunday morning, but I think it's stuck.

``By the time the water gets to Dayton, the river is fed by at least a half dozen creeks. Dayton's gauge is reading 27,000 cfs.

``I think it's going to take a few days for all this water to drain out of here.

``Waiting for the rain to stop to go get pictures. I hear that just down the street from me the coffer dam built to build the canoe chute on the Yorkville dam got blown out. Never did get pictures a couple of weeks ago like I had planned, but will go get pictures of this. Would have been nice to get before and after pictures.

``The residents that fought so hard, lying and giving out misinformation about that dam are about to find out what the river is supposed to look like without it. It's going to take them awhile to plug that hole and in the mean time, the whole river is going to drain through it.

``This is going to be good.

``Be nice if it blew out a section of the rebuild and they gave up on this stupid project.

``They pissed off the river gods and the river gods don't want their river blocked anymore.''


Water, water, water.

(Added Monday afternoon.) Gortowski compiled more of a photo display and text at

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