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Bears love Fish of the Week 9-24-08

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At least Bears fans can make a late catch.

As Chuck Caporale did Sunday morning, Sept. 21, with this 36-inch northern pike on Lake Elizabeth in Twin Lakes, Wis.


And for the story, as much as the fish, Caporale earns Fish of the Week honors. FOTW tops the Midwest Fishing Report each Wednesday in the Sun-Times.

I find myself planning Sunday outdoor excursions around Bears games in September. By late September, I usually have a feel for whether I need to cut short trips to watch the Bears play.

I think I know with this team already after three weeks.

Here's Caporale's tale.

The 37-year-old sales engineer from Elmwood Park said he caught the pike

``in the fog on Lake Elizabeth (twin lakes WS) fishing before the Bears game with my dad and cousin. It was a very tough morning for fishing with only one small bass between us. . . . And just after 10AM while casting a Dare Devil Spoon over the weed bed the fish hit. It about 10' away from our boat in about 6' of water. It was caught measured and a quick picture taken before it was released.''

More fish will be caught this fall, considering the state of the Bears.

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Please don't hold the fish vertical with one hand stuffed into the gill area. The proper way to hold a catch and release fish is horizontal and keep your hand away from its gills.

Thanks for info, that will be the last time I hold a fish vertical.

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