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The Good, the Bad, the 50 for Fish of the Week

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Oh, there's karma in fishing.

On Aug. 2, David Godin took his friend Bruce Cozzi muskie fishing in northern Wisconsin.


However, it was this 50-inch-plus muskie, caught by Godin, that made the trip. And it made Fish of the Week.

FOTW tops the Midwest Fishing Report each Wednesday in the Sun-Times.

Let the Tinley Park man tell the story.

He was `` `sort of Guiding' [Cozzi] for muskie the first weekend of August. We had fished a couple of lakes in Northern WI near Eagle River and Bruce caught a nice 40 incher in the AM. His first at the 40 inch mark. Switching lakes I was trying to put Bruce onto more fish, for he has only caught a few fish in his muskie fishing career, all in the mid-30 inch range.''

That's the building up the karma part, or the doing of the good deeds.

Godin continued, ``I have caught close to 1000 fish over the last 30 years of muskie fishing, so I wanted to have Bruce get a nice one. Luck came my way and I boated 3 fish in 2 hours of fishing. A 38, 40 and a 50 + inch whopper. I guess I would make a "bad guide". This was my first fish at the 50" mark that I have landed. I have many stories of "lost big fish" but none in the boat.''

It's stories like his that make muskie fishermen into the obsessed lot they are.

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