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Spooning for Fish of the Week

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Sometimes, you just know it's the right Fish of the Week.

Like when I called Ken Krzeminski on Tuesday to fact check on his nomination of his father Joe and his 42.5-inch northern pike and interrupted them fishing for smallmouth on Lake Erie out of Erie, Pa.


Back to this wonderful pike. Joe caught it In a late July outing in Ontario, Canada, north of Armstrong in a story worthy of the photo.

FOTW tops the Midwest Fishing Report each Wednesday in the Sun-Times.

Ken, a Tinley Park man, was throwing a Suick around when . . . well, let his email tell it: ``The fish rolled over the jerkbait I was fishing and when he fired his spoon over in the general direction she ate it the second it hit the water...A nice 42 1/2" fish that evidently wanted her picture taken.''

Back to the photo, if somebody catches a memory fish like that, it is worth taking a nicely framed photo of it like this one.

Joe, retired in Orland Park, released the pike.

Back to the smallmouth on Erie: Ken said they already had caught one 5-pounder and another of 4 3/4 before I called.

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