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Fish of the Week, oh Birthday Boy !!!!!

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I'm not sure there are many better lines in my world than ``Picture of 48" Muskie attached !!!''

Throw in it was a proud dad, Tony Raimondo, talking about the fish his 12-year-old son, John, caught on a birthday outing.

Well, you have a Fish of the Week.


FOTW tops the Midwest Fishing Report in the Sun-Times each Wednesday.

``After years of reading your article & wishing I could even submit a entry for potential printing, I am forwarding the attached (It is not even my catch !!). I took my son John Muskie Fishing for his 12th B-Day (July 29, 2008) on Pewaukee Lake, WI & after 8 hrs without a bite, he caught a 48" Muskie's @ 2:00 pm on a Rappala DT 16 !!!!!''

While was videotaping the event, buddy John Regal netted the fish.

My muskie of my life was 47 inches from Kinkaid eight years ago when I was in my early 40s. So I sent back a note with a mild expletive wondering if John knew how fortunate he was.

Tony e-mailed back: ``That's what we said "Holy Crap" !!!!! We have all (fishing friends) been telling him how fortunate he is !!!! I have fished MI, WI, MN & Canada (over the last 30 yrs) & my best Muskie is 39" & Pike is 34" !!!!!! I am an accountant by trade (own a small firm in Des Plaines) but love fishing and am lucky to have a son that loves it as well !!!! He would rather fish than play baseball, football or anything else.''

That's my kind of kid.

Tony added, ``If, by any chance, you can post his catch, he will go crazy !!!! Thanks for any consideration !!!!! Hopefully more entry's to follow, maybe even one of my own !!!!!!!!''

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