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``Borrowed hooks & other looks:'' River launch issues

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This, the fifth ``Borrowed hooks & other looks,'' is one I wish I didn't have to put together.

But with the Labor Day weekend coming, I think it matters to post some more stuff on the small-boat launch at Western and the Sanitary and Ship Canal.


This ``Borrowed hooks & other looks'' comes from Jack Burns and Joe Kalas about the vandalism at the launch (see the glass piles in the pictures).

First from Kalas:

``I'm sure you are already aware of this, but in-case you aren't. These are pictures of the boat launch at 34th & Western. The pier has a huge scorch mark, and the lot has ten piles of glass (that I was able to count) from windows broken on vehicles. Other than that the place looks great. I'm looking forward to using the launch when I get time. I understand that it is manned only on weekends. these pictures were taken on Monday, August 25 @ 2PM.''

And from Burns:

``We have been fishing the river from the pier during the week . We went to the site today to launch our 16 ft fishing boat and found at least eight piles of fresh auto glass in the parking lot where evedently ,there were cars and boat trailers parked on Monday.Needless to say we did not launch. This was the most depressing site that I have seen . It is a shame that we cant use this new facility. I hope the olympic committee isnt watching. Thanks for your concern and information from your past articles regarding the new launch.''

I don't know what to say, as the piles of glass show too often, vandalism is an ongoing problem at the site. However, the scorch mark is there from the first day it opened on July 4th weekend when a boat burned by the dock.

But, considering the 10 years of work with Mayor Daley's Fishing Advisory Committee it took to get that ramp finally open, I hate to concede it to vandals. And I think and hope enough guys will keep pushing and using it, to take the space back and make it fishermen's.

``Borrowed hooks & other looks'' are other looks at Chicago-area outdoors, usually running on Fridays. This is the fifth. ``Borrowed hooks'' should be sent to

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