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"Borrowed hooks and other looks:'' Lakefront pageantry

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Skip Lubinski's account of ``the pageantry'' of fishing the Chicago lakefront is the third ``Borrowed hooks and other looks.''

It nicely captures the experience, not to mention the Clarendon Hills man caught some wonderful fish, like this smallmouth bass.


Here's his description of a late July outing.

``My wife and I were out on Lake Michigan this morning and enjoyed a combination of good fishing and some of the pageantry of being in a great city.

``The smallies were hungry (we caught 11) and a couple of big drum, all while watching men parachute from military helicopters, the coast guard displaying rescue techniques, the cruise ship Odyssey being escorted past a CFD pumper trawler by a coast guard cutter, all part of a typical day on Lake Michigan in Chicago. I think all the activities were part of Kup's Purple Heart Cruise (which we were not expecting when we headed out to the lake).

``I am sending a couple of pictures of fish caught, I wish I had thought to take pictures of the other events.''


``Borrowed hooks and other looks,'' other views on Chicago-related outdoor subjects, will normally run on Fridays, but this one came a little later because of the opening of perch season in Illinois on Lake Michigan on Aug. 1.

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Man, I love the drum we have gotten. I target them specifically at Monroe (walking from Monroe Harbor master station to Buckingham Fountain and back).

I alternately blind fan cast, and watch the water below my feet with my polaroids, and sight fish them when as they lazily swim by in an among the weeds, and over rocky bottomed areas.

As I am not fishing real heavy, 5'4" G.Loomis, 6400, the fight is wonderful. And, they are such a pretty, and big fish, the people who watch (and there are invariably people along this stretch) really enjoy the beautiful silver and white color of the fish.

White, small, Mini-Mite on 1/32 or 1/16 tipped with maggots.

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