Animal present when flashing: Wild Sunday on a Monday

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Yeah, I know it is Monday, but Wild Sunday can move a few hours.

For once, I actually saw those warning signals along parts of the Indiana Toll Road--``Animal present when flashing''--flashing.

I kept expecting to see a deer hurtling out of the ditch and across the highway, but it never happened.


It's one thing to see a deer feeding in a field at dusk while vacationing Downstate at Pyramid SRA.

It's another to cross paths with one while hurtling down the highway at dawn.

Oh, I saw plenty of deer in the fields through Indiana at dawn, and can only assume that some of those field deer tripped the sensors that start the flashing lights.

I haven't seen any studies that say whether or not the signals actaully help prevent accidents or not.

But the flashing signals sure made me pay attention, even in an exhausted state.

A massive accident on the Pennsylvania Turnpike shut down 90 miles of road for several hours Sunday and we were in the middle of it, trapped on the highway, on the way back from my dad's 80th celebration.

So it was much later than I wanted when we came barreling across the Ohio/Indiana line and soon saw not one but three flashing lights.

At least it kept me awake.

But, all in all, I would prefer seeing my deer while on a slow vacation drive.


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