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All eyes for Fish of the Week for July 9, 2008

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Move over Quick Hits.


Stray Casts is a team player . . . with a little help from Mike Lynch, the Southwest spoonplugger/guide who sent this photo.

Since QH, that eclectic collection of sports shorts, is vacationing, I thought the photo of Katie Subject and Kelly Hermley with a 20-inch walleye from Heidecke Lake was perfect for Fish of the Week.

FOTW tops the Midwest Fishing Report in the Sun-Times each Wednesday.

Lynch said, ``They are good college friends from Purdue.''

It was the best of 26 walleye they caught trolling the south side of Heidecke in 6-10 feet with crankbaits over the weekend.

Lynch had the first FOTW, more than a year ago, with a big blue catfish from LaSalle Lake.

I would say this time is a net gain.


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And I'm stuck fishing with Ken!

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