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Fish of the Week (make that a turtle) for June 25, 2008

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Sometimes the best catch is something other than a fish. Say the big turtle Jeremy Potoczny caught unexpectedly from a pond in Palatine earlier this month.


His proud grandfather Ron Potoczny helped the 13-year-old unhook and release the turtle. And also ran back to the truck for a camera.

Oh, but there is more. FOTW tops the Midwest Fishing Report each Wednesday in the Sun-Times.

Ron e-mailed more details:

``We were fishing for Bass and Jer lost a BIG one just before the turtle bit. We lost a few big ones and also caught 2 15 in crappie.
I didn't have the camera with me but after he got the turtle i ran to the truck and got it
His dad and I told him to lift it up for the pic and he amazed us that he did it.
I bet that turtle is close to 50 yurs old. About 15 minutes after we released it he got it again guess he was suicidal or something''

Kinda goes with the shirt I think.

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