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Borrowed hooks and other looks

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On Fridays, Stray Casts will be given over to other viewpoints, ``Borrowed hooks and other looks.''

I hope to start it next Friday, June 13.

If you have something you would like to get off your chest, here's your chance to reach a wider but focused oudoor audience.

I already have a couple lined up, but the more the better I would feel.

This is not a site where f-bombs fly, otherwise, it's pretty open.

E-mail ``Borrowed hooks and other looks'' blogs to

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Oh boy!

Here we go!

This should be fun. I hope to contribute


Can I start now?

On Saturday I took my kids to the Duke's Fishing Derby.
They had fun, caught some fish and just enjpyed the day.

I wonder about the participation.

Hearing it once was +1000 to now just over 400, that seems like a big drop.

Is it we aren't getting kids involved?

Is fishing taking a back seat to baseball, travelling leagues or Xbox?

Attendance has been dropping for years and not because of marketing or the volunteer effort.

Feels like a loosing battle.
But some of us take it personally..

If our kids don't get exposed to the Outdoors now..
Who will take us fishing in 20yrs??

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