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Second biggest bighead carp bagged

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Illinois Bowfishers member Darin Opel shot a 92.5-pound bighead carp, apparently the second biggest bighead documented in the United States, from the Mississippi River near Alton on Sunday, May 4.


USGS scientist Duane Chapman found only one bigger bighead in the United States, and only a couple in the world: ``I only know of one larger fish captured in the USA, from a lake in N. Texas. It was, apparently, 93 pounds. There is a bighead carp over 100 pounds in a museum in Pakistan, and Fauna Sinica makes mention of a fish of greater than 45 kg, which would be right at the hundred pound range.''

Christine Appleberg gave these details of the fish: ``He had it weighed on a certified scale in front of witnesses. It's an amazing 92.5 lbs. It measures 62" long with a 30" girth. (Darin is 6'4" and weighs 300 lbs).''

Illinois does not keep bowfishing records. Those records exist at the club level. Appleberg gave this perspective: ``The previous IL record for an Illinois Bowfishers club member was 35 lbs. The previous BAA record was 85 lbs.''

For Illinois Bowfishers info, go here.

The News-Democrat has an extended story here.

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Looks like bighead carp like it here. Too bad.

That fish is a monster!

I'm glad Darin and other bowfishers are working to remove these from the rivers. Yes these and the other species of imported carp do like it here, and they're starving out the local fish.

Apparently, while this isn't the largest bighead captured, it is the largest taken by sport fishing.

I would like to know where exactly he caught his fantastic fish .

I'm a ex pro-carp-angler from Europe I' doing business with carp tackle and bait and i'm lookimg for the best spot for trophy in USA for only;grass-carp,buffalo,common-carp,mirror carp and leather carp and also big-head carp. Let me know please.

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Thank you guys:)
Best regards,
Alexander Nikolajevitch

congratulations! that's one big fish you got there!


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