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Oh Brother: Record redhorse suckers

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Brothers John and Andrew Chione both caught record redhorse suckers from the Fox River in late April.

Here of the photos, much thanks to Mike Noland of Oswegoland Fishin' Fools. First is John, 13, with his 6.71-pound silver redhorse, caught April 24. Second is Andrew, 15, with his 3.74-pound shorthead redhorse caught the next day.



Here's the story from the May 14, 2008 Sun-Times.

Anything you can do ...; Teenage Chione brothers make history on back-to-back days


Taking sibling rivalry to another level, brothers John and Andrew
Chione caught Illinois-record redhorse suckers on back-to-back

John, 13, caught the first, a 6.71-pound silver redhorse April 24
from the Fox River in Montgomery. Andrew, 15, caught a shorthead
redhorse of 3.74 pounds from the same area the next day.

It began when the home-schooled brothers from the western suburbs
were fishing for carp with corn early on April 24.

"I had a rod out with worms to see if I could catch catfish," John

The bonus came in the form of a silver redhorse.

"We go through a lot of DNR magazines and remembered the record was
around 5 pounds," John said.

Jane Keenlance caught the standing silver redhorse record (5
pounds, 10 ounces) from the Fox on April 13, 2003. Fish records
generally are kept by weight.

The Chiones called Gander Mountain in Geneva and found they had to
get the fish weighed on a certified scale and witnessed, then have
it confirmed by a fisheries biologist and fill out the paperwork.

Bill Walsh, a retired teacher fishing with the brothers, helped
them get the fish weighed on a certified scale at Prisco's Fine
Foods in Aurora. Walsh and the butcher witnessed it.

Fisheries biologist Vic Santucci came out and confirmed the
25Ô/`-inch fish was a silver redhorse and explained the paperwork.

Ever the teacher, Walsh said: "I did a little homework. When they
spawn, they like to spawn around calm water and sand bars, like we
were fishing. When we put them in the cooler, they had eggs
spraying out of them. We happened to be sitting in a spawning
ground at the right time."

Oh, were they ever.

The next morning, Andrew pulled in his record shorthead redhorse.

"I had corn out for carp, and I had worms out for whatever would
bite on them," he said. "I knew it what it was. We caught the
species before. I knew what the record was."

Holly Trent caught the standing shorthead redhorse record (2-2.56)
from the Spoon River in Fulton County on March 22, 2003.

This time, the Chiones took the fish to the Jewel in Montgomery,
where the butcher and Walsh witnessed the weighing of the 21-inch

What I find most interesting is how sharp the brothers were. They
knew the species of redhorse (something I normally have to look up)
and that they were Illinois records. And I like that the brothers
and Walsh were back fishing when I called Saturday.

"I was down at Heidecke Lake helping a co-worker sample muskie and
was able to meet Andrew on Route 47 on my way back north," Santucci

He said the paperwork was submitted. The records will be official
when Springfield officials sign off.

"When John caught that 6-11 redhorse, about a half-hour later,
Andrew caught one that weighed 5-12," Walsh said. "It would have
been a state record, too. I thought it was poetic justice he caught
a state record the next day."

Said Santucci: "When I originally got the call for the second
record, I couldn't help thinking how sibling rivalry hasn't changed
much since I was a kid competing with my brothers for everything
and anything."

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My sidebar to my Sun-Times outdoors column on Sunday was about the Chione brothers catching and their Illinois record redhorses on back to back days in April four years ago.... Read More

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I caught my first redhorse sucker on 9/5/10 also out of the Fox. Don't remember if I e-mailed you about it. (seniorbrainfaid) but it was either 30 or 33" long...again (seniorbrainfade)....picture in the mail tomorrow. Don't know weight as retired carpenter only know how to measure length:) Don't own a scale but I guess I better get one someday. I know there are bigger (not much) but I also caught something a lot smaller with a very wide head and the body small...with a camo type coloring to it in carp gold/and dark. The picture is not good as it was chilled by the time I took picture...I was going to try and cook them but didn't like the smell of the meat when I cleaned them so saved for a trotline...if I get healthy enough to try that again.

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