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Second FOTW (from April 16)

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Chris Taglieri put together this sequence of a beautiful steelhead he caught at Burnham harbor on April 7.

Here's his tale of the 18-pound-plus steelie on light tackle.

``Thought I would send you a couple pictures of the monster steelhead I caught from Burnham harbor on Monday the 7th.

``Well, I got back out late this afternoon after spotting some monster fish when I was out this AM. I used every bit of live bait possible and these monsters would not hit anything (roaches, crawlers, wax worms....) So I use my 6'6" St. Croix avid light power (my perch rod) with a 4lb Pline fluro leader with a 2.5" Gitzit tube with a 1/8oz. jig head tossed my jig out there an well. . . .

``I hook up with this monster that gave me a fight of a life time, He runs and runs raps me around posts then swims out of it, takes me to the piers in which I can feel my 4lb leader hitting the wooden piers just waiting for my line to pop. . . .

``Well, it doesn't I fight the fish for close to an hour where it continues to give me an air show jumping 3ft out of the water. No one else fishing I'm all by
myself I somehow land this monster in my Beckman net, luckily I brought the `King' net out with me!!

``Well the pics speak for themselves. . . . I only fished for about 5min before hooking up....but I felt like I was fishing for 10hrs after that fight.''




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