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In the mail (deer permits). Or better late than never?

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There's been enough concern about the late arrival of mailed deer hunting applications that rumors began flying. Figures. With the sorry state of the IDNR, just about anything about it will be believed.

But 2008 deer permit applications are in the mail. Mine arrived on Tuesday.

That raises another serious question. What the heck took so long? The first deadline is a week away on April 30.

Here's the official word from IDNR spokesman Chris McCloud:

``I've been receiving some calls about rumors that IDNR does not have the money to mail out deer applications this year. This is not true. Just to let you all know, IDNR mailed out over 170,000 deer applications over the last few weeks. Those folks that haven't received them by now should start seeing them any day.''

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