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FOTW 4-23-08

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Hank Gonzalez had a surprise catch while coho fishing in a surreal scene at Casino Pier on Saturday. He reeled in a very nice steelhead, and earned Fish of the Week honors.

Here's the Hyde Park man's story.

``A very dense fog had rolled over the pier at Jackson harbor when this 26 inch steelhead hit on my 1/2 oz. orange and silver KO wobbler. Since most of my strikes this time of year are from cohos, I had 6 lb. line on my 8 foot salmon rod. The fight lasted over 5 minutes. This fish didn't jump too much, but he hunkered down and took a handful of runs, sometimes threatening to break off on the submerged rocks.''


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Yes. At long last, pictures. Isn't technology amazing.

Nice fish and thanks for posting photos for those of us out of town. I wouldn't call my years in Chicago great outdoor years, but the lakefront was fun fishing, especially for an urban area.

I KNOW that fish#@! My friend and I hooked that guy last week, and when we were bringing him in, a wave dragged the line into the rocks and broke the line. I'm glad you brought the fish to justice for evading us. Go cubs.

Nice catch Hank! Maybe we should print that pic in the next issue of Justice?

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