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Magical morels

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I haven't found a morel yet this spring. To make it worse, a North Side reader sent a cryptic message about ones he picked last week . . . and a nice photo.

Maybe, you need to have experienced a black bear in the wilds to fully appreciate this. But here's a good one from Fred Ungaretta, a New Jersey fly fisherman (and other things) transplanted to the north suburbs.

I do love my animal stories.

There's been enough concern about the late arrival of mailed deer hunting applications that rumors began flying. Figures. With the sorry state of the IDNR, just about anything about it will be believed.

But 2008 deer permit applications are in the mail. Mine arrived on Tuesday.

That raises another serious question. What the heck took so long? The first deadline is a week away on April 30.

FOTW 4-23-08

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Hank Gonzalez had a surprise catch while coho fishing in a surreal scene at Casino Pier on Saturday. He reeled in a very nice steelhead, and earned Fish of the Week honors.

Chris Taglieri put together this sequence of a beautiful steelhead he caught at Burnham harbor on April 7.

We begin posting Fish of the Week photos with a 16-pound brown trout caught by Nick Milkovich Jr. off Gary Light. It was FOTW on April 9 in the Midwest Fishing Report in the Sun-Times.

Tomorrow, we will post Chris Taglieri's steelhead from Burnham, FOTW on April 16, then begin posting FOTW photos by roughly dawn on Wednesdays.

I may have to rethink cigarette butts and wild things after the photos and note Chris Taglieri sent last week. Be aware somewhat disgusting photos are below.

Brian Floetl's neat sequence of a great horned owl devouring a skunk in Barrington earlier in April makes history as the first photos posted on STRAY CASTS.

Quaking animals

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I wondered if the earthquake early this morning had any animal impact. And sure enough, Bill Anderson just dropped a note about how his puppy behave before the quake.

Any other quaking animal stories?

Now you can see the pictures Brian Floetl took of a great horned owl devouring a skunk in Barrington last week. Go to the Wild Sunday entry on April 18.

Beef Tenderloin With Cherry Port Sauce and Onion Confit?

Paired with a Redwood Creek Cabernet Sauvignon?

As campfire cooking goes, that sounds better than anything I've ever even attempted to make on a campfire.

The recipe and wine pairing won Alex Shapiro the first Redwood Creek Campfire Classic in 2005.

The 2008 Redwood Creek Campfire Classic, a celebration of wine and campfire cooking with a top prize is $10,000, has a Tuesday deadline for entries. Sounds a lot more appetizing than the tax deadline.

As might be expected with a beautiful weekend, young hunters in Illinois bagged many more turkeys in the youth spring turkey season in the north zone than in 2007.

Illinois' first-in-the nation, bass-fishing championship for high school students will be pared down the basics to get it successfully off the ground next spring.

That was the key point to come from the Illinois High School Association's ad hoc advisory committee, which met this week, according to Michael Mulligan, a science teacher at Taft High School on the Northwest Side

And so did the possibility that Chicago could hold a city fishing championship of another sort in another season, say this fall. But that's in the future. (And a wildly wonderful idea that I know fishing honchos at the Chicago Park District are interested in.)

Today Randy Patton posted a response asking for a listing of representatives, so people could let their strong opinions about Blagojevich's ongoing attack on the IDNR be known.

Great idea. Here goes.

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