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A budget directive from the Gov. Blagojevich's office of management and budget could end the state's put-and-take pheasant hunting at state sites.

``It was a very ill-advised decision by the administration,'' said Rep. Dan Reitz (D-Sparta), co-chair of the Illinois Legislative Sportsmen's Caucus.

``The discontinuation of the pheasant hunting program is a proposal and we are willing to work with the [General Assembly] to find a way to keep the program,'' IDNR spokesman Chris McCloud e-mailed.

Reitz thinks the administration may reconsider, and instead restructure what should be a money-maker for the state.

Read more in the sports pages of the Sunday Sun-Times (out tomorrow) or go here on Sunday.

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This is half cock, and ill-advised indeed. at this time the state budget can ill-afford a lost in tax revenue that is generated by the sale of firearms,ammunition, and hunting related gear. A large number of hunters have no other place in which to hunt other then these state sites. If these sites are closed because of these bone-headed bureacrats there will be no need to purchase anything related to hunting here in Illinois.

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