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Budget issues/pheasant hunting

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Hunters who want to address budget issues may voice their opinions at town hall meetings around the state listed below. Gov. Blagojevich's proposal to cut the pheasant hunting program has ignited action from many hunters about ongoing problems with IDNR funding. These are a chance to be heard.

Joliet:03/20/08 at 6:00pm
State Representative McGuire (Host)
Joliet Township High School
West Campus
401 North Larkin
Joliet, IL

Rock Island: 03/24/08 at 6:00pm
State Representatives Boland, Verschoore (Hosts)
County Building
3rd Floor, County Board Room
1504 3rd Avenue
Rock Island, IL

North Suburbs:03/24/08 at 3:00pm
State Representatives Nekritz, May, Ryg, Hamos, Washington (Hosts)
Northbrook Village Hall
City Council Chambers
1225 Cedar Lane
Northbrook, IL

Kankakee:03/24/08 at 6:00pm
State Representatives Dugan, Gordon (Hosts)
Kankakee Community College-Auditorium
100 College Dr.
Kankakee, IL

South Suburbs:03/25/08 at 6:00pm
State Representatives Miller, W. Davis, Riley, Scully (Hosts)
South Suburban College
Kindig Performing Arts Auditorium
15800 State St.
South Holland, IL

Chicago: South 03/25/08 at 5:30pm
State Representatives Golar, Howard, M. Davis, Dunkin, Colvin, Jefferies, Flowers, Patterson, Rita (Hosts)
Kennedy-King College Theatre
6301 S. Halsted St.
Chicago, IL 60621

Rockford: 03/25/08 at 6:00pm
State Representative Jefferson (Hosts)
Zeke Giorgi Building-Auditorium
200 S. Wyman
Rockford, IL

Chicago: West:03/26/08 at 6:00pm
State Representatives Arroyo, Graham, Yarbrough, Ford, Turner, Collins, Soto,
Mendoza (Hosts)
Bethel New Life Auditorium
1150 N. Lamon St.
Chicago, IL

Metro East:03/26/08 at 6:00pm
State Representatives Beiser, Hannig, Holbrook, Reitz, Younge (Hosts)
Belleville West High School
Commons Area
4063 Frank Scott Parkway
Belleville, IL

Chicago: North 03/27/08 at 6:00pm
State Representatives D'Amico, Lang, Lyons, Feigenholtz, Fritchey, Harris, R. Bradley (Hosts)
Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center - Olson Auditorium
836 W. Wellington Ave.
Chicago, IL

Chicago: Southwest 03/27/08 at 6:00pm
State Representatives Brosnahan, Burke, Joyce, McCarthy, Molaro (Hosts)
Oak View Community Center
4625 W. 110th St.
Oak Lawn, IL

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Since I was 5 years old, I have hunted and fished in Illinois. In my lifetime, I could be categorized highly active far above the average. As the years have passed, many things have impacted on the ability of individuals to hunt and fish. In earlier time, the state reacted and helped provide assistance to the sportsman. But within the past 20 or so years, this is not the case. In reality, it has been the reverse. At one time seniors did not require hunting and fishing licenses. They now require licenses and purchase all related "stamps". In the past, the State reduced the number of employees, terminated some pheasant farms, increased the price of hunting permits, introduced "private" running of state facilities concerning pheasants and introduced the "Habitat Stamp". A few years ago, Governor Blagojevich again reduced the number of Conservation Officers and employees and closed fishing facilities i.e. Heidicke on Mondays and Tuesday to fishing. As I had previosly stated, I am an avid sportsman in these sports and am at these facilities several times a week on week days. The majority of hunter and fisherman are seniors. As a seventy one year old senior, I have lived through it. I truly believe that the state has targeted the seniors. I recently inquired about the budgets of state officials in Springfield and the information that I received was staggering.
In line with the freedom of information act, I believe we should request what were and currently are the salaries for the past five years for all government Officials in Springfield, their respective budget for these five years and details of expenditures. If this reveals that they have contributed to the state budget problem, then I assume we sportsman will have to be patient and wait for the outcome.

Dear Mr. Bowman

I just cannot believe the continued pillaging of our Department of Natural resources by our illustrious Governor.

I myself have enjoyed our Controlled Pheasant hunting for nearly 30 years. I started at a young age with my father. My son was to begin this year at the Youth Hunts.

Not to mention the handicapped pheasant hunters that will now no longer have any public access to paved game trails.

Is there any way you can provide a list of public representives that myself and fellow hunters may write or call that would best represent everyone that feels as strongly as I do?

Thank You

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