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Trapping otters/bobcats?

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Prairie State Outdoors reported today that a Downstate Democrat introduced a bill to allow trapping of otters and bobcats in Illinois. I'd go for half of that.

But not sure it matters much because House Bill 4632, introduced by Rep. Brandon Phelps (D-Harrisburg) last week, likely has little chance.

Reintroduction of otters began in Illinois in the 1990s. It's been so successful that Chris Anchor, chief biologist for the Cook County Forest Preserve District, spotted one downtown, according to a December story in the Sun-Times. Otters in Illinois so plentiful that they're having an impact on the natural order, and a trapping season is probably needed sooner rather than later.

Not so sure the same applies to bobcats. Though they're spotted regularly as close as DuPage County, bobcats are not so common as to have much impact beyond being a curiosity.

Synopsis [of HB4632] As Introduced

Amends the Wildlife Code. Authorizes the taking of bobcats and river otters. Authorizes the Department of Natural Resources, by rule, to require a Bobcat Harvest Permit, a River Otter Trapping Permit, and pelt tags. Sets fees. Makes changes concerning the open season for coyotes and striped skunks. Deletes restrictions concerning having green hides out of season. Makes changes concerning pursuing fur-bearing mammals with dogs and concerning illegal methods of trapping.

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