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IHSA fishing

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Illinois will become the first state to have a statewide bass fishing tournament at the high school level.

Where was this when I was staring at creeks from my school windows?

On Monday, the Illinois High School Board of Directors approved a recommendation from executive director Marty Hickman to add the bass fishing tournament ``as an IHSA activity beginning in the spring of 2009, provided that adequate sponsorships are secured in advance for the tournament.''

From many discussions I've had in the months since I wrote the original column in the Sept. 16 Sun-Times, I've been amazed at the level of support from the business end of fishing, the club level (which will be central to making it work), the teachers and other volunteers, and the high school kids.

Hickman and assistant executive director Dave Gannaway, who will handle the administrative end of the tournament, obviously have been getting similar feedback.

``The level of support for a bass fishing tournament, from both our membership and from other non-school groups, has demonstrated clearly to our Board that this event is one with potential tremendous value to our schools,'' Hickman said. ``Implementing such an activity will enable our schools to provide another opportunity for students that will enrich their educational experience and keep with the Association’s mission.''

Let's be blunter and simpler, it will keep kids like me more interested in their schools and learning.

The hard part is going to be the implementing the structure of the tournament and managing the mass of volunteers (and it will be a mass of volunteers) who will step up.

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I'm wondering how I can become a 'coach' for this...?

Would-be coaches will go through their schools.
How the club volunteer system will work is one of the things that Dave Gannaway and his committee will have to hash out.
Kids who want to fish it should also go through their school as a way of making sure the schools have it in the planning stage.

After the committee meets, there will be more specific guidelines and directions coming from the IHSA this spring on how the tournament will actually shape up.

i go to peoria christian and were pretty exited about this at my school we already have sponsorship offers to start a fishing program

Will it be a separate sport?

It is listed as an activity officially.

This is a perfect opportunity for the new group NO KID LEFT INSIDE to really tie it's new iniatives to this outdoor fishing effort. It's great news all around! Getting kids back OUTSIDE!

when is the sign up deadline?

The initial deadline is past, but they will continue to accept schools, which wish to enter teams.

Uptil i know about this concert is if so sort of cool to be the winners, first year ever.I believe it is the second year of the event, but the same team made it to the state tournament last year and I can't remember how they placed but the didn't win it last year.

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