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Classic Moves and Northern Thoughts

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BASS has announced the 2009 Bassmaster Classic will be held in Louisiana at Shreveport- Bossier City, the 2010 Classic in Birmingham and the 2011 Classic in New Orleans.

Wild weather and all, the 2008 Classic events on Lake Hartwell in South Carolina continues through Sunday. gives wall-to-wall coverage. The final weigh-in will be televised at 9 p.m. Sunday on ESPN2.

I miss the live or nearly live TV coverage that ESPN gave the Classic in the first years after it purchased BASS.

And I miss having the Classic in the summer so a northern destination can be added every few years. I know there's big bass to be taken down south in February, but good fishermen should enjoy the challenge of northern waters.

Early Wednesday morning, I rewatched the 2005 Classic in Pittsburgh. It was the toughest Classic ever and the best fishermen--Kevin VanDam won--rose to the top. A Classic should be tough, northern tough, at least every couple years.

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