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It figures Michael Iaconelli would figure this out. City fishing has come back. Back enough to be a television show on urban fishing, City Limits Fishing, and tonight's episode on VERSUS is Iaconelli fishing the Chicago lakefront and Chicago River with local policeman John Milio.

Top to bottom, morale at the Springfield IDNR headquarters may have sunk to an all-time low. Those of field employees aren't much better. Not sure the incoming director, Rep. Kurt Granberg (D-Carlyle), will make much difference in the lame-duck years of the Blagojevich administration.

And, before you ask, I wasn't wearing my tattered White Sox hat. But guys kept grabbing me Sunday to ask, ``Did you see Thome's brother's buck?''

L.L.Bean coming

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Add L.L. Bean to the major outdoor stores trying for a toehold in the Chicago market.

What was that lame bit with Bob Knight doing in the Bassmaster Classic coverage Saturday night?

Wild Saturday 2-23-08

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Wolves and mushheads.

Access to Kankakee River State Park will not be denied during waterfowl season, despite what is printed on page 21 of the 2008 Illinois Fishing Information booklet and online.

Kankakee River State Park (Kankakee/Will Counties)
Recreational Use Restrictions . . Waterfowl Refuge or Hunting Area

BASS has announced the 2009 Bassmaster Classic will be held in Louisiana at Shreveport- Bossier City, the 2010 Classic in Birmingham and the 2011 Classic in New Orleans.

There was no mention of fees for state parks in Gov. Blagojevich's budget address today. The rest of the budget proposal as related to the IDNR will take some sorting out, because there's juggling going on with personnel.

The WaveSpin DH 3000 ($80), a revolutionary spinning reel, is picking up a lot of raves. It earned another as one of 14 ``Fishing Best of the Best'' in the March issue of Field & Stream out today.

State Park Fees?

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Will Gov. Blagojevich propose state park fees during his budget address on Feb. 20?

Shedding Some White Light

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White bass and white perch look similar. Monday I was getting worried that the pros at the Shedd Aquarium had a major brain cramp.

Wild Saturday 2-16-08

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I hope seeing bald eagles never becomes passé. Or maybe I should hope it does.

Boat fishing at Powerton Lake will not open as scheduled Feb. 15, and will remain ``closed indefinitely,'' site super Stan Weimer said Thursday afternoon.

IHSA bass-fishing follow-up

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First this stray cast on the coming IHSA bass-fishing tournament from an old friend and prep sportswriter, ``Because there are so many more lakes/opportunities for teams from the South to fish, I think when a kid from Chicagoland catches a bass it should be multiplied by 1.67 so that it is fair. That gives everyone a chance.''

IHSA fishing

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Illinois will become the first state to have a statewide bass fishing tournament at the high school level.

Trapping otters/bobcats?

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Prairie State Outdoors reported today that a Downstate Democrat introduced a bill to allow trapping of otters and bobcats in Illinois. I'd go for half of that.

Lake Erie fishing outlook

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The Ohio DNR has a history of rosy outlooks for fishing on Lake Erie, so keep that in mind when reading the Lake Erie Fishing Outlook. But I agree with Roger Knight, Lake Erie fisheries program manager for the ODNR, ``Lake Erie remains one of the greatest natural resources in our country.''

Wild Saturday

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Wolves are protected in Illinois.

The deal on fisherman's parking at Navy Pier lives.


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Considering human nature, it was only time before the deer-rich Golden Triangle drew inventive crooks.

Powerton Down

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Mokena fisherman Bill Anderson just called to say Powerton Lake is shut for levee repair.

Deer Tracks

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McHenry, Lake, Will and Kane counties are top spots for trophy bucks? Not just in Illinois but in the United States?


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If only Phil Jackson would resign, I would hit my dream sports trifecta.

Pipe Down

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For a change, drainage tile went into the water instead of water into drainage tile. And may it do some good . . . for a change.

Hall of Fame

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Don Dubin is my Nellie Fox.

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