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Cheering up

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In today's paper I review Rosie O'Donnell's new book, Celebrity Detox, in which she details the pitfalls of fame, among other things. Perhaps Rosie could benefit from reading her former colleague Joy Behar's new book, When You Need a Lift: But Don't Want to Eat Chocolate, Pay a Shrink, or Drink a Bottle of Gin (Crown, 232 pages, $19.95).

When You Need A Lift

Behar really hasn't written a book at all. She writes a two-page introduction and a half-page of acknowledgments at the end. In between are testimonies written by various celebrities and other folks of note, letting us in on what they do when they're down in the dumps...

Life after death

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A businessman, a personal shopper, a grandmother, a gay interior designer and a widowed candy store owner meet in purgatory ...

Sounds like the start of a joke, doesn't it?

It's actually the start of an intriguing little novel, I Never Saw Paris (Carroll & Graf, 196 pages, $23) by Harry I. Freund...

I Never Saw Paris: A Novel of the Afterlife

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