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The People's Bible

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Christian book publisher Zondervan says their next edition of the Bible will be handwritten -- by more than 31,000 Americans.

Zondervan kicked off a 90-city, 15,000-mile cross-country tour today in Grand Rapids, Mich., to mark the 30th anniversary of its popular New International Version translation of the book.

The tour will stop at special events, churches and U.S. landmarks to allow people to write out Bible verses. The collection of handwritten verses will be published and sold after the tour ends in San Diego on Feb. 12.

The Michigan-based publisher says most verses will be written by regular people, although the company hopes to collect a few from President Bush, the Rev. Billy Graham and others.


Find out where the Bible Tour RV is today and where it's going next. It's scheduled to stop in Chicago on Nov. 2-3.

Saints be praised

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Paging through Patron Saints: A Feast of Holy Cards (Abrams, 159 pages, $24.95), I was looking for a saint whose feast day is today. I'm sure there is one, but the closest I could come to in the book was St. Januarius, Patron Saint of Volcanic Eruptions, whose feast day was yesterday. Residents of Naples, Italy, where a vial of his blood is preserved, invoke the saint when nearby Mt. Vesuvius threatens to erupt...

Patron Saints

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