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Obama manager gets 7-figure book deal

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Another Obama insider is hopping on the bookwagon. First it was the president's brother-in-law Craig Robinson; now it's campaign manager David Plouffe, who has agreed to a seven-figure deal to write The Audacity to Win: The Inside Story and Lessons of Barack Obama's Historic Victory.

Books Obama Manager
David Plouffe at his Chicago campaign
(Charles Rex Arbogast/AP)

Reportedly 17 imprints competed for the project. Viking won and plans to release the book next fall. The publisher issued a statement, saying the book will offer a unique, high-level account, including "the deliberations about whether to run against long odds, the epic primary battle with Hillary Clinton, the drama of the general election campaign against John McCain and the strategic roads taken -- and not taken.

"The book will also detail the business lessons to be learned from the formation and the functioning of an unprecedented $1 billion start-up -- use of technology, crisis management, grass roots, and personnel management."

Elizabeth Edwards' 'Resilience'

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Elizabeth Edwards
Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth Edwards' memoir, Resilience, to be published May 12, will likely address her husband's affair. Former presidential hopeful John Edwards publicly admitted his affair with video producer Rielle Hunter, though he denies fathering her 6-month-old child.

Broadway Books publicist David Drake declined to discuss details of the book but said it would serve as a sort of sequel to her previous memoir, Saving Graces (2006), which mostly focused on the death of her son Wade in 1996 and her battle with breast cancer.

"She has always been a kind of candid and honest writer," he said. "And people can expect that of her in her new book."

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