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More on meat

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Last month on this blog I wrote about a book titled The Shameless Carnivore, and have since run across a couple other odes to meat-eating. Melissa Lion, who writes reviews on food-related books for Bookslut, checks in this month with a review of Meat: A Love Story (Putnam, $24.95) by journalist Susan Bourette. It may not make you want to buy the book but you'll savor every bit of Lion's wit and biting commentary. Bon Appetit!

Meat: A Love Story

She's with the band

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The very first entry on this blog featured a book titled American Band: Music, Dreams, and Coming of Age in the Heartland (Gotham Books, $26) — a book that appealed to the former Midwestern band geek in me.

Good news! The book's author, Kristen Laine, recently was awarded the L.L. Winship/PEN New England award for nonfiction. The award is given annually to books written by New England authors and/or books on New England topics. While the book is all about Midwestern teenagers, Laine lives in New Hampshire, which allowed her to qualify for the prize. (For a list of all the winners, check out the PEN New England Web site).

Author Kristen Laine

Last year's Winship winner in the nonfiction category was Sebastian Junger for A Death in Belmont.

To learn more about American Band and read more reviews, visit Laine's Web site. The paperback comes out in September.

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