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In praise of meat-eating

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On the back cover of Scott Gold's The Shameless Carnivore: A Manifesto for Meat Lovers (Broadway Books, 355 pages, $24.95), there is a multiple-choice quiz. Question No. 3 asks:

The following meat is NOT approved for retail sale in the United Sates, even with USDA inspection:
a) Armadillo
b) Kangaroo
c) Iguana
d) Island fox

The most alarming thing about that question is not which one is NOT approved but that the other three ARE!

You have to read the book to find the answer. I've been skipping around the book and haven't found the answer yet.

The Shameless Carnivore

Fair warning to vegetarians: You will not like this book. It is an unapologetic celebration of sizzling animal flesh.

"I don't get it," Gold writes. "Where at one point in American history a vegetarian would have been branded as a godless communist and advised to return forthwith to the CCCP, abstaining from the consumption of animal flesh these days is largely viewed as an enlightened life decision, even though it's not what most of us do."

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