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High stakes adventure

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I chose today's entry because of my fascination with mountain climbing. I have never been mountain climbing, nor do I plan on ever mountain climbing. I'm simply fascinated by those who risk their lives for a thrill.

Certainly it is more than the thrill that motivates some climbers — not to mention skydivers, racecar drivers and extreme hot-air balloonists like Steve Fossett, who not too long ago was declared dead after he and his 'round-the-world balloon disappeared. There are still folks out there who take pride in setting a goal and accomplishing it.

But according to Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Michael Kodas, getting to the summit of Mt. Everest has turned ugly, and more dangerous due to commercialism and greed.

In High Crimes: The Fate of Everest in an Age of Greed (Hyperion Books. 357 pages. $24.95), author Kodas recounts, from personal experience, a once pure pastime muddied by misguided motivation.

High Crimes

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