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A church of a different sort

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"In the Church of 80% Sincerity, we understand that the basic motivating factor for all human beings is not self-preservation or sex or love. It is the desire to not be embarrassed."

I'm not sure I've ever read a more true statement. It comes around the middle of David Roche's The Church of 80% Sincerity (Perigree, 160 pages, $19.95).

The Church of 80% Sincerity

Roche's "church" is a "church of choice for recovering perfectionists," he states in the introduction to the book. "We think 80 percent sincerity is as good as it gets. You can be 80 percent sincere 100 percent of the time or 100 percent sincere 80 percent of the time. It's in that 20 percent area where you get some slack and you can be yourself."

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