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Tina Fey working on a book

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As if she weren't busy enough, what with writing, producing and starring in her own Emmy-winning TV show ("30 Rock"), starring in movies ("Baby Mama") and, oh yeah, moonlighting at her old job ("Saturday Night Live"), playing vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin to great hilarity -- Tina Fey's going to write a book!

Tina Fey as Sarah Palin on "Saturday
Night Live."
(NBC photo)

The New York Observer reported last Friday that Little, Brown & Company will release a book of -- what else? -- humorous essays written by the 38-year-old 21st century comedy wonder woman.

It stands to reason that Fey would write a book. She has said on numerous occasions that even though she's gained fame and visibility through her TV acting, she sees herself first and foremost as a writer. Proof positive came last year when she proudly walked the picket line with her Writers Guild brethren during their three-month strike. She also had this to say when she picked up her writing Emmy (for "30 Rock") just a couple of weeks ago: I'm very proud to be a writer, I would not have any of the other jobs I have if I had not been a writer first."

Little, Brown hasn't yet released any details on the deal. Stay tuned...

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