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SuperMcCain and Obamaman

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There is no question that our state's junior U.S. senator, Barack Obama, has lit a fire in the political landscape of this country. The youth of America might even refer to him as a superhero. One might also say the same about Sen. John McCain, with his storied military history and commitment to public service.

IDW Publishing has jumped on the election 2008 bandwagon and given both presidential candidates the supehero treatment with a pair of comic book biographies: Presidential Material: Barack Obama, (by Jeff Mariotte and Tom Morgan) and Presidential Material: John McCain (by Andy Helfer and Stephen Thompson).


The books highlight key incidents in the presidential candidates' lives leading up to their participation in this current and historic presidential campaign. Both comics are 28 pages of story and art, plus annotations, and will be released on Oct. 8 for $3.99. IDW also will release a trade paperback flip-book edition for $7.99.

Not a bad investment for what will certainly become a collectors' item.

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