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Election day fun

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Both presidential candidates have been pretty good humored during the campaign. You saw John McCain on "Saturday Night Live" last weekend and Barack Obama dancing on "Ellen" a couple weeks ago. So, today, in a nonpartisan effort to gets some laughts today, before anything is decided, I offer up the following little paperbacks. Neither author appears to be taking a stand on the candidates either way; they merely seem to be poking gentle fun.

In a previous "Saturday Night Live" appearance back in May, John McCain said, "I have the courage, the wisdom, the experience, and most importantly, the oldness necessary." True, if elected, McCain, at 72, will be the oldest first-term president in history.

According to blogger/author Joe Quint, there are 72 Things Younger Than John McCain (Fireside, 113 pages, $9.99), including two-ply toilet paper: "In the year before John McCain was born, the Northern Tissue Paper Company proudly proclaimed its toilet paper to be 'splinter free' -- but it wasn't until he was out of diapers for about four years that the world was treated to the miracle of a second layer of paper."


Paging through the book, here are a few more things younger than John McCain (who knew?): Geritol, turn signals, Social Security, duct tape, Scrabble, area codes and zip codes, Spam, Alaska and Hawaii, Scientology, McDonald's, the ball point pen, Mount Rushmore, Bugs Bunny and Jerry Mathers as the Beaver.

Check out Quint's Web site.


Matthew Honan first started putting together his humorous little collection of odd statements as a commentary on his wife's obsession with Barack Obama, which quickly overtook her other obsession: bicycling. So, Barack Obama is Your New Bicycle: 366 Ways He Really Cares (Gotham, 192 pages, $12) has become a calling out of many Americans' love affair with the young, charismatic candidate from Illinois.


Honan first started a Web site that flashes random phrases explaining Obamamania and it took off in popularity -- enough for him to put it in booklet form. Here are some of my favorites:

Barack Obama listed you as his emergency contact.
Barack Obama ...
...picked up the spare on league night.
...covered for you when you were late for a meeting.
...showed you how to tie a full Windsor.
...made you a mixtape.
...changed out the kitty litter for you.
...held your hair when you were sick.
...climbed Kilimanjaro and wrote your name in the logbook.
...shelled an enormous bagful of peas for your picnic.
....counted all your pennies and rolled them up in paper.
...sucked all the poison out of your snake bite.